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3rd-Jun-2010 02:44 pm - Dark Heresy is good for my soullll~

So, a bunch of us (by which I mean six of us are playing) have been playing Warhammer 40K's pencil-and-paper RPG. And our characters just keep getting funnier and funnier and the crack is blatent.
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Sooooo....worth it to draw out/write out a comic based on our shenanigans?

3rd-Jun-2010 11:53 am - Meme time!

Leave me a comment saying "the game's afoot!" and I will respond by asking you five questions that satisfy my curiosity. Update your journal with the answers to the questions, including this in the post.

Here are my answers to the greatness that is  [info]pippinssocks.

1. What's the weirdest thing you've ever been asked?

"May I watch you pee?" is pretty up there.

2. Who would you most like to be stuck with for all eternity? (can be fictional or real xD)

Kate, Jonny, and all my friends.


Wellllllll, not much, because Korey's probably knocked me out and taken me to an undisclosed location where we can be protected.

4. How many of you would it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Zero, I'm too short and make Jonny do it ;)

5. If you could have one way to travel everywhere in the universe, what would it be? personally I'd go for fire breathing Llama but that's just me

....Something involving the Gothic fleet from Warhammer, I am sure.
25th-Apr-2010 02:33 pm - Writer's Block: Take me as I am
Would you be upset if a long-term partner confessed that s/he'd committed a serious crime before you met? How do you think it would affect your relationship?

Actually, given my long-term partners, I wouldn't be surprised if they had committed a serious crime before we met.

Let us take a look at my partners. One is a punk going for an ecology major, the other is a goth mad scientist. It is sad that I, who am comparatively the normal one, am the most corrupt of the three of us. My flaws were accepted by the one who knows...

....and I am sure that the other is gonna react in a way of "why am I not surprised"?

....But Jonny needs to stop using this knowledge as a crutch on if something is wrong, I can make a call and it's gone. Dammit, Jonny, it doesn't work like that!
3rd-Jan-2010 02:28 am - Happy Birthday Mina!

It's my friend spidey_art 's birthday! Yaaaaaay!

So, I drew her a pretty picture.

We RP Joker and Harley. Hope she likes it!

For the record, Harley has a gold collar as a bit of a psychological in-joke. Gold colored collars tend to be worn by preps, as well as green and purple, but I didn't want her competing with Joker.

(Joker and Harley are property of DC and thus not mine.)
Title: Shadows In A Mirror
Rating: G for this chapter
Type: Multi-chapter
Genre: Drama/Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater and am making no profit off of this. The song lyrics belong to Chris Isaak
Summary: History repeats itself. A war was inevitable. But to Stein, there was only one person who could win.

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14th-Dec-2009 09:15 pm - OMG FANFICTION AGAIN?!
I know, it feels like forever ago!
Title: Le Langue D'Amour
Fandom: Magic Kaito
Characters: Kaito Kuroba, Saguru Hakuba
Warnings: Guy-on-guy lip action.
Disclaimer: I do not own ANYTHING!
Rating: PG
Summary: That thief always had a new trick up his sleeve.

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11th-Dec-2009 04:42 am - Guess what you get?
Title: Truth Be Told
Prompt: 177 - Courage
Author: nancy_hartigan
Fandom: Original Fiction
Summary: Sarah Wade considers cutting her losses and going home.
Rating: PG-13 - swearing, sex
Word Count: 1628

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3rd-Dec-2009 12:32 am - Moar Original Fiction
Title: None, as of yet.
Rating: G, for now, unless you get a few implications.
Type: Maybe multi-part?
Genre: Mystery
Warnings: ...nothing, unless you can read between lines.
Disclaimer: These people are not real. They are a product of my imagination.

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2nd-Dec-2009 11:55 pm - Original Fiction
Title: Attractions
Author: [info]nancy_hartigan
Fandom: Original Fiction
Summary: A woman who went to church every Sunday and helped the elderly for her living was always irresistible to Bentley Wade.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 577

I might end up doing more with these guys if you review and ask :) This was written for [info]tamingthemuse
for the prompt of "Salt Of The Earth".

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28th-Nov-2009 02:38 pm - Wallpaper!

Randall Curtis demanded he be drawn, and Kate wanted a wallpaper for him, so I made it and decided to upload it.
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